Self-repairing display screen comes closer to reality

by Gareth Mankoo

We spoke about the display coating that has the muscle to cure itself of blemishes. Toray’s promise of a new technology that will heal mobile blemishes will be arriving to save notebooks too. Basically just a protective layer, this sheath has to be wet applied to a PET surface that is ideally 125 micrometers thick. This layer has to be stacked on to the surface. Though higher temperatures are more conducive for quicker heals, the surface can heal itself at room temperature within ten seconds, 20,000 times in succession. Wouldn’t this totally conquer the need for Gorilla glass and the likes?

With minimum haze and impressive light transmittance, this surface is also a treat for the eye. Toray are surely fishing for some major OEMs to take the bait on this one.

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