“Seinfeld”, the most common password revealed

by Gavril Mankoo

Hackers aren’t always the bad guys. Sometimes, they do society a huge favor, pointing out holes in security walls, helping tighten security and secure personal information people entrust websites with. The LulzSec group recently managed to steal about a million user names and passwords from Sony, that the company had simply left unencrypted in plain text and security researcher Troy Hunt conducted research on these, and came up with some pretty astounding results. Turns out, 93% people choose passwords ranging between 6 to 10 characters, as opposed to the required 8 characters. Also, most people tend to use just a single character type, with no variations in type-case.

And the most common password of all, turned out to be “Seinfeld”, followed by “password” and “123456”. It’s about time you start taking your passwords seriously!

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