Seine River may find a trampoline bridge atop it, the French jump for joy

by Gareth Mankoo

Inflatable trampolines are a lot cheaper and more fun than regular bridges that take a while building and never seem out of the ordinary. French architecture firm, AZC have come up with a cool inflatable bridge concept that doubles up as a trampoline so that those crossing it can jump their way through. It will bring severe damage to bodies, accessories and of course, reputations (should someone bounce off into the river below), but all in good fun. The bridge will be constructed with three giant trampolines and will be located near Bir-Hakeim bridge.

It’s quite a huge effort in the horizon with over 130,000 cubic feet of air needed to inflate the arches of the bridge. This project is among the many proposals for a contemporary bridge design competition sponsored by ArchTriumph.


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