Seiko’s new GP201W satellite radio clock will keep perfect time all the time

by Shayne Rana

If you happen to be one of those compulsive individuals who likes being punctual to the second, then here’s a real treat for you – famed watch maker Seiko is gearing up to release a new wall cloak that will ensure that you’re always on time. The new GP201W model is a satellite radio clock that is designed to be so precise that its failure rate is said to be just a drop of 1 sec every 100,000 years. All this by using GPS satellites to help keep time. Essentially it’s a high-precision atomic clock that has much wider reception area compared to others and will work just fine even in buildings with reinforced concrete. It’ll be perfect for a large office or factory to make sure your people are always on time. The clock is neatly designed with dimensions of 450 × 78mm and weighs about 4kg. It has a white dial and the body has been designed to withstand moisture and dust and temperature within a range of 50 ℃ to – 10 ℃. Thanks to the highly regulated GPS satellite reception, the clock will not be affected by noise and other electronic products in the close vicinity.

Seiko is also attaching a Hitachi Maxell “voltage LR20” Alkaline battery with the clock out of the box. It offers 5 years of battery life while meeting the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing products. The GP201W satellite radio clock will be released sometime in July of this year and will be priced at about $872 (84,000 YEN).

[Via – Impress]