Seiko unveils a multi-function clock that powers up with a hand-crank

by Gavril Mankoo

Seiko has come up with the perfect tool to carry outdoors or function during times of disaster and crisis. Code named the KR885N, this clock has a bunch of functions that can help pull you through difficult times if your contemporary pieces of technology fail you, in the event of a power shortage or cut-off. Sporting a wind-up like function that allows users to power it up without the need of an electricity socket, this multi-function clock sports a traditional watch face, AM / FM radio, an LED light, an emergency buzzer as well as the capability to charge a mobile phone.

The clock includes a microUSB cable and can also be powered up with 3 AA batteries. If batteries aren’t readily available, simply hand-crank the internal battery to life, using the lever on the back of this clock. The clock’s battery can also be charged with an AC adapter in advance, in case you plan to take it out with you on your next outdoor escapade. The clock is waterproof and measures 170 × 67 × 157 mm.




[Via – Impress]