Seiko Brightz R2-D2, a geeky wrist-watch inspired by Star Wars

by Gavril Mankoo

Star Wars fans behold! Sieko Japan has just come up with a spectacular way to keep check on the time, a Star Wars inspired wrist watch! Sporting an R2-D2 theme, the watch sports a digital high-resolution display. In essence a 300dpi black and white screen, the watch is bound to have your geeky companions drool at your wrists. Featuring a metal strap to add to its nerdy machoism, the watch packs three buttons on the front, allowing you to quickly access its controls. Complete with a backlight, enabling you to peek at the time during the darker hours, this limited-edition Seiko Brightz R2-D2 is indeed a fantastically geeky way to stay punctual.


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