Sega Toys unveils its Nintendo Wappy Dog

by Shalu Pillai

If you’re looking to upgrade your i-Dog, a new toe tapping robotic puppy is now available to keep you company. Called the Wappy Dog, the little monster is the latest innovation from Sega Toys, who is expected to release it along with a video game for the Nintendo DS. First things first, the adorable little mutt undoubtedly takes home the cuddle-vote. Wappy can interact, both with the video game and alone. You can talk and pet him and be assured that all gestures are responded either with noises or by moving or even glowing different colored lights on its cheeks or eyes. The Wappy-technology is all about sound. The reactions are all in response to the beeps emitted while playing the video game. You can also travel with Wappy by transferring his/her personality into different game and allows you to play games with him. Wack a mole and watch Wappy wap, with its digital furry paw. Of course he is loyal – depending on if you win or loose, Wappy will respond appropriately.

You can personalize your Wappy with your own chose name and chose accessories and watch him grow from puppy to an adult dog, but one that never dies. No news on its pricing yet as Wappy is expected to make a debut this fall.

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