Sega Brain Checker your mental fitness regime.

by yogesh

Before all of you Gaff at the idea that your brains need checking let me assure you that this is a new gadget by sega. Its soul purpose seems to be just to quiz you on your general knowledge and basic 5year old aptitude tests. A number of tests are designed to keep you occupied, like some mental fitness tests like math, pattern matching& other puzzles.

The portable gadget features a small LCD touch screen and stylus for controlling the games. It may be hard to find one of these outside of Japan, but from what I can tell, all of the games use pictures and numbers, so it should be playable regardless of your native tongue. Priced at Â¥5,775 (appx. $51 USD), it’s about the same price as buying both of the Brain Age games for the Nintendo DS.


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