SecureTeen App is Turning Digital Parenting into a Piece of Cake

by Dhiram Shah

Parenting sure seems to have become a lot more challenging than it was back in the day. One simply had to worry about keeping kids out of trouble in the real world. There wasn’t much complexity involved in that either, as physical supervision would often suffice to keep everything in order. However, things have changed a lot since then, with internet, mobile devices, and social media becoming an integral part of the adolescent culture. Protecting kids and discouraging them from engaging in inappropriate behavior has become a lot harder.

Or has it?

Protecting kids from the pitfalls of technology or discouraging them from succumbing to their impulsive nature online would indeed have proven real tough, but only if SecureTeen wasn’t there to save the day. This multiplatform parental control app has just enough features in its arsenal to put parents in complete control of their kids’ online safety. That of course sounds too good to be true, but you would probably become a believer too once you discover what it’s truly capable of. Go on, take a look.

Logs SMS to Report Red Flags

SecureTeen lets parents view their kids’ text messages, including the time and ate at which the messages were exchanged, as well as the phone number of sender/recipient. Although this communication channel is no longer as popular among young people as it was before the likes of WhatsApp stepped into the scene, its usage is still pretty high. By supervising these text messages, parents can ensure that their kids aren’t talking to random strangers, quite possibly pedophiles, discussing adult stuff with friends, sexting, or planning mischief. Getting a heads-up on these things can enable them to take care of the issue before it ends up becoming an even bigger issue.

Encourages Safe and Responsible Use of Social Media

Another area where SecureTeen offers parents a much-needed helping hand is social media, namely Facebook and Instagram. There are enough horror stories online to make even the most confident of parents become paranoid about their kids’ online safety and activities. SecureTeen reduces these fears by empowering parents to keep an eye on their kids’ Facebook and Instagram activities. This includes status updates, pictures uploaded, friends added, private messages, posts shared, comments made or received, and so much more. With such insights only a click away, parent have very little to worry about.

Logs Web History to Reveal Kids’ Browsing Habits

Although internet provides access to limitless information, it also acts as a gateway to all sorts of nasty stuff that no parent would want their kids to come across. Since most kids have their own laptops, smartphones, or tablets these days, it has become extremely convenient for them to access porn, view violent videos, or read controversial content without any fear of getting caught. SecureTeen discourages such abuse of digital privileges by logging the digital footsteps of kids and presenting a comprehensive report to parents. With half the job already done by the tool, parents simply have to assess the reports and take a meaningful action.

Tracks and Reports Location Information of Kids

Location tracking is yet another great feature that makes SecureTeen a perfect parenting aid. It allows parents to keep track of their kids’ whereabouts around the clock, thus giving them the peace of mind they so desperately crave. The feature can even prove to be a lifesaver at times, especially in situations where the child goes missing or is kidnapped, as it can help parents or law enforcement agencies (LEAs) locate and get to them quickly.

All in all, SecureTeen is a powerful parental control app, equipped with some of the most advanced monitoring, blocking, and reporting features. It is without a doubt an essential parenting tool in today’s day and age.

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