Seawolf GoPro Submarine can go places you wouldn’t dare to

by Gareth Mankoo

While the drones take to the skies, we’re looking for something that could soothe our underwater curiosity. The Seawolf GoPro Submarine can dive to depths as deep as 30 feet to capture stunning underwater footage and transmit it back to the surface, wirelessly! This means that you could well venture into spots where you wouldn’t dare to. While shark-infested waters wouldn’t be the best idea, the submarine will do a fine job at moderate depths as it diligently records footage and transmits it live to your phone or display screen. A mini surface boat will take care of the Wi-Fi transmission while you enjoy some live underwater footage without wetting an inch of your body.

The case and mount is GoPro compatible, the build is solid thanks to a high-quality ABS hull, runs on 2.4GHz wireless control and sports an 8-inch display with LED backlight. You could also opt for the tethered version that comes with a carefully calculated 30 meter cable.

[Via – Uncrate]

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