Sears tower glass balcony makes you feel like a bird

by shilpa

Freaky! Those of you who has acrophobia, or fear of heights, will faint just reading this. In Chicago, there’s a new element of tourism. It is the service to see the city in air. You are literally in air and you will feel like a bird with a firm base midair. That’s what this glass building offers at least. It is a balcony at the Sears Tower, which has a small extension outside the building contours, made of glass. So when you are in it, even your floor is glass, which can by the way hold up to 5 ton of weight.

If you look down, like I said earlier, if you have acrophobia, you might have a stroke… else it is pretty exciting. It will be like you are viewing the city from the heavens… or something like that. It is however, a very unique idea.

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