Seagates new 2.5” Momentus XT drive boosts 100 percent faster than traditional drives

by Shayne Rana

Seagate has just announced shipments of their Momentus XT drive. This may be just one more feather in their cap as it’s supposed to be the world’s fastest 2.5-inch laptop PC hard drive. It combines SSD-like performance with massive capacity and priced well. The Momentus XT drive also features Adaptive Memory –new technology from Seagate that learns and optimizes the drive’s performance to each user by moving frequently used information into the flash memory for faster access. The Momentus XT solid state hybrid drive is also designed to boot up to 100 percent faster than traditional 5400RPM drives.This new drive installs as easily as a traditional 9.5mm-high notebook drive for new systems or laptop upgrades and, unlike early hybrid drives, operates independently of the operating system and the motherboard chipset. Although the price hasn’t yet been officially announced it’s supposed to be somewhere in the vicinity of $155 for 500 Gigs.