Seagate ST 1.3 Series, 1 inch Microdrive with 12GB

by Dhiram Shah

Seagate has unveiled its ST 1.3 Series, the company’s newest 1-inch microdrive that has a 12GB storage capacity. The ST 1.3 Series adopts perpendicular recording technology, Seagate indicated, adding that in comparison with existing Seagate 1-inch microdrives, the ST 1.3 Series has a 23% smaller footprint, 50% larger storage capacity, and consumes 30% less power as well as offering shock and drop resistance features. The ST 3.1 series due to it’s small size can be used in High end mobile phones, MP3 Players, PMP, Portable Video Games etc. A couple of Taiwanese manufacturers are making handsets equipped with microdrives with planned availability in 2007.

Via – Digitimes

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