SeaGate GoFlex Slim is 320 GB in 0.35-inches of thickness

by Gareth Mankoo

Whatever you do, you cannot miss the sleekness beauty that the SeaGate GoFlex bestows. It is labeled as the “world’s most portable drive”, and that’s a title it surely lives up to. The drive measures 4.91 x 3.07 x 0.35-inches and weighs 0.4 pounds. What can a drive this thin and compact behold? You will be amazed to know that the GoFlex Slim can actually hold up to 320GB of storage data and transfer data at lightning speeds (10x faster than a 5400 rpm drive). It is basically a USB3.0 drive but can be backward compatible with USB2.0 devices. You needn’t worry if you’re a Mac or Windows user since this one supports both platforms.

The SeaGate GoFlex Slim is available for $100. That’s a good price for a Slim Jim like this who packs enough storage space.