Scorpion EXO Apparel Buying Guide

by dhiram

Serious bikers know that Scorpion EXO is the top of the line for motocross and biking essentials. The brand may be best known for their professional motorcycle helmets. With a smooth black exterior and full face coverage, the typical silhouette of a Scorpion EXO helmet announces its wearer’s investment in winning. The same is true of Scorpion EXO motorcycle sweatshirts and other apparel created by the company. If you’re looking for motorcycle parts online or stylish apparel, Scorpion EXO has you covered.

Wear Your Scorpion EXO Love Every Day

The following apparel and accessory items are some of the highest rated products in the Scorpion EXO line:

Gloves: Scorpion EXO makes a line of motocross gloves specially designed to absorb impact and protect riders’ hands from potential injury. The most popular Scorpion EXO gloves include the Divergent, the CoolHand 2, the Klaw 2, and the Skrub. Gloves are available for both men and women.

Casual shirts: Scorpion EXO also carries a selection of casual shirts that bring motocross style to everyday streetwear. Their flannel button-ups for men are adaptable to any style or season, and the Covert waxed shirt is a timelessly simple look.

Jeans: If you’re looking for jeans that are fit for motocross adventures or everyday wear, the Covert Pro jeans are perfect. Constructed with Cordura 373 GSM and featuring lining made of 250 GSM DuPont Kevlar lining, these pants are ideal for any stylish biker.

The Best of Scorpion EXO Style

When you’re looking for the best casual motorcycle jacket or jeans, Scorpion EXO is one of the best brands to check out. From stylish basics like button up flannel to specialized professional wear like Kevlar-lined jeans, Scorpion EXO has an incredible selection of apparel that will be perfect in any biker’s wardrobe.

Find casual biker apparel from Scorpion EXO and all of your other favorite biker brands. Shop at the top online retails for motocross and biker parts and accessories.

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