Scare your guests with this octopus-tentacle-shaped toilet plunger

by Gavril Mankoo

Leaving a plunger in your toilet pot isn’t really a welcoming sight. Well, if you’re one of the absent-minded few who occasionally forget to keep the plunger in its appropriate place or if you’re simply looking for a way to freak out your guests, here’s a fantastic plunger that’ll make your toilet a little more interesting. Shaped like an octopus tentacle, the aptly named Octopus plunger is a cheeky way to scare just about everyone who steps inside your toilet.

440mm tall, the Octopus is made from plastic while the bottom uses silicone. The tentacle also serves as a comfortable-to-hold handle, making your plumbing exploits easier. Available in a bright orange color that adds to the creepiness of this fantastically amusing plunger, the Octopus gives your toilet a monstrous touch!


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