Say hello to Layla, the latest Siren in Jerry Harvey Audio’s professional audio series, priced at $2,495

by Shayne Rana

Named after Eric Clapton’s hit song, the Layla professional audio earpiece from master craftsman in the biz, Jerry Harvey Audio, has made her debut. Part of the Jerry Harvey Siren Series earpiece range, Layla is what could easily be the quintessential earpiece for any professional musician to own.

Designed with meticulous detail to benefit any professional on stage or in a studio, Layla, like others in the Siren Series, has all of its high-end components neatly fitted into a universal-fit, full carbon fiber body and ships with a black aluminum carrying case. Precision designed with JHA’s stainless steel coherency waveguide, adjustable bass response and all new proprietary drivers, one can expect the highest end audio experience to be delivered on tap with this little lady.

layla-1Founder Jerry Harvey, has this to say about the Layla: “The Layla is the first earpiece I’ve designed to be a reference/mastering IEM. Most IEMs I design have a live rock and roll tuning with a little more emphasis on the lows and low mids, accurate but warm. The Layla bass response when turned down is perfectly flat and when fully turned up has +13db of boost at 60Hz.”

layla-3And how much does having all of this exquisite audio technology at your disposal run up? $2,495! That’s right; that’s the price you pay for a fantastically designed piece of audio tech that’s designed to give you a full range of details like never before.



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