SawStop Contractor Saw Won’t cut your Fingers

by yogesh

If only all those cases I viewed on AXN had used the SawStop Contractor Saw, they wouldn’t have lost their finger (s). The saw features a10″ blade but the beauty of it is that it retacts into the socket when it comes in contact with skin, thus saving the fingers. The specs are after the jump, but patiently view this video, it worth the wait to see the saw in action (demo on a sausage).

The SawStop Contractor saw retails for $1,500 and will be available for purchase in June.
– 44″ W X 27″ D table top
– Weighs 245 lbs
– 30″ rip capacity
– Left tilt
Standard with:
– 1.75 HP motor
– 40 tooth blade
– Miter gauge
– True riving knife
– Low-profile blade guard
– Innovative blade shroud enabling superior dust collection.