Save your Face from Harsh UV Rays with Face Sunglass

by Neha Tandon Sharma

I love sunglasses because they make you look trendy but how much protection do they really offer? Yes you can stand the sun for a while longer with sunglasses on but it doesn’t save you from the harsh UV rays. Now there is something called ‘Face Sunglass’ that protect not just your eyes but your entire face and skin. It’s made of a special film, the same material used for luxurious eyewear. It gives you 99.9% of UV protection, prevents condensation to remove fog of the glasses, which happens when you move into a different temperature zone. Face Sunglasses cover most of your face and can prove to be an indispensable product for outdoor activity. Apart from being useful outdoors it can also save your face from problems like freckles, age spots, etc.

Face Sunglasses will be launched on April 19 by Roits Nine. Though these face sunglasses cover most of your face they do save you from a lot of harmful effects of the UV rays. This is one great way of protecting yourself when even sunscreens fail.
Via – [Gizmodiva]

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