Saurik’s customization platform, Cydia Substrate, now on Android!

by Gavril Mankoo

If you’re familiar with jailbroken iDevices, you probably might have heard of Jay Freeman, a developer known as Saurik, credited with the development of Cydia, an alternative application store platform for iPhones that are jailbroken. Recently, Saurik made headlines yet again with the release of the Cydia Substrate for Android platforms. Capable of working with Android 2.3 and higher versions of the operating software, the Cydia Substrate platform will enable easier customization of software, particularly at times when the source code isn’t easily available.

Cydia Substrate also enables easy installation and removal of features, without having to resort to custom ROMS. The platform has been tested on several Android versions already as well as on a bunch of devices. Still under development, Cydia Substrate comes with a safety feature that disables modifications. The developer of this platform advises users to take utmost caution while using it to its best and as always, taking timely backups is crucial. That apart, Saurik has also brought the Winterboard theme engine to Android devices though this one requires root permissions and Cydia Substrate.

[Via – Xda-Developers]