Sanyo NV-SD585DT Gorilla GPS with 4GB SSD

by Dhiram Shah

Sanyo Japan has announced a new GPS the NV-SD585DT which comes with a 5.8 inch touchscreen supporting a resolution of 480×240 pixels. The unit comes with a 4GB SSD drive which is preloaded with navigation data. Unlike the GPS units we use this baby has two antennas one for standard GPS and the other catching the One-Seg transmissions so you can watch Digital TV in your car. The 4 GB SSD drive doubles as a DVR as you can record your favorite programs and with support for EPG you can program the GPS to do so. Also included is a FM transmitter and SD card slot for loading up MP3 / WMA songs. The GPS is powered by 400 Mhz CPU and Gorilla engine which enhances the 3D graphics for smooth navigation.

The Sanyo NV-SD585DT measures 98.5×157×30mm and weighs 439 grams. It goes on sale in Japan from July 18 for 90,000 Yen ($ 900).

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