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Sanyo LP-XL50 projector casts 80-Inch Image from 8 cm distance

by Dhiram Shah

Sanyo has announced that they will launch LP-XL50, a front projector that can project 80-inch images from a distance of 49 cm. Although the projection distance is 46 cm, the distance between the chassis and the wall may be only 8 cm. The projection distance of the company’s existing model LP-XL40 is 103 cm. The product uses the company’s proprietary aspheric mirror in the optical system to reduce the projection distance. The focus adjustment and image enlargement are carried out while the incident light is reflected on the mirror. It has an image aspect ratio of 4:3 and resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

The Sanyo LP-XL50 measures 374 x 196.8 x 495 mm and weighs 7.8kg. It will be available from December 21, 2007 in Japan from 600,000 Yen ($ 4,861).

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  1. imax15

    i was just wondering if you move the projector back from thw wall, will the image get larger than 80″? and does this projector support 16:9 format and has a HDMI input?


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