Sanyo introduces Eneloop Mobile Booster for USB powered portables

by Gareth Mankoo

You know how hard it is to deal with the draining battery syndrome. All that Sanyo tries to do with its innumerable releases, is to make charging a simpler, less stressful exercise, with the introduction of rechargeable batteries and backup facilities. The Eneloop Mobile Booster KBC-L2 from Sanyo is yet another wonder from the battery giants. The whole concept is based around looping energy, by means of which, energy is recycled and reused once spent. It allows up to two USB devices to be powered at the same time. When fully charged, the booster boasts 5000mAh of power.

To charge the booster itself, all you need is a USB connection. Among the many devices it supports are the famous ones such as iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, iPhone, iPod Touch (1st‐4th gen), iPod Classic, iPod nano (1st‐6th gen), iPod mini (1st and 2nd gen), iPod (4th and 5th gen), RIM Blackberry Bold, and RIM Blackberry Curve. $80.