Sanyo Infobar 2 – The designer phone

by Dhiram Shah

The Infobar finally gets an upgrade with the Infobar 2, the phone was announced by Sanyo today. It is rather long for a candy bar phone but it does not make a difference as it is solely for the Japanese market. It has a stylish keypad and packs in a 2.6 inch organic EL display supporting 240×400 resolution and is the first phone to have an internal antenna for Wansegu or One Seg in case you did not know you can watch digital TV on your phone when on the move in Japan. The Infobar 2 comes with a stand so you dont need to hold the phone when watching a movie or TV. It has a very easy to use interface and comes with a Micro SD card for memory expansion.
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The Infobar 2 measures 138×47×15.5mm and weighs 104 grams.