Santa just might bring you an 11.6-inch MacBook Air this year, December launch still a rumor though

by Shayne Rana

Back in July, we heard that Apple was planning on announcing a new MacBook Air that had a 11.6-inch display. Does this mean it’s a netbook? Well anyway, it seems that we just might see that new device really soon, according to a few sites. In fact Santa just might have one his good bag this year, if you’re good that is. That’s right we could see the new MacBook Air hit stores at Christmas. Of course Apple hasn’t really made a statement yet, so it’s still a rumor for now, but these days’ rumors in the technology field are seldom wrong. A few facts may be skewed but the device rumors are more often than not spot on. This one too, following its predecessors will probably be knocking off the DV drive (there wouldn’t be space anyway) and most likely the Ethernet connector as well. So start saving up MacBook fans the holiday’s are right around the corner.