Sandman clock offers 4 USB charging ports

by Gareth Mankoo

Irrespective of what those countless advice columns tell you about keeping your phone by your bedside, you wouldn’t budge on your mean old habit. Which is why we’ve got something that could add some comfort to your stubborn resolve. The Sandman clock arrives as a worthy bedside companion, complete with the ability to charge your smart devices. This is made possible with the inclusion of four USB charging ports at the rear of the device. The Kickstarter project has a little over two weeks to raise funds for the device whose prototype seems to be quite a good-looked. It is armed with a large screen that shows fonts in generously large sizes, making it easier to view even from a distance. It also comes with a cool cable management system to ensure that you aren’t trapped in the webs of tangled cables.

When this article was written, the project had managed to raise $10,597 of the $42,565 goal with just 17 days to go. We wish the team luck in raising their monies.

[Via – Kick Starter]

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