SanDisk slotRadio brings 1000 songs in a music box

by mohsin

Remember the good old days of buying a music CD, when one would walk into a music store, browse through a library of cds physically, then buy one new album, and realize that just one song would be good. It seems that SanDisk wants to bring back the era with new SD cards preloaded with songs on sale. The SanDisk slotRadio will come preloaded with 1,000 songs – it is a slotMusic player with the music already on it. The songs are organized by genre channels and were picked from Billboard’s charts, and users can load other music-loaded microSD cards into the player, as well. The slotRadio is targeted toward the casual music fan who doesn’t want to fuss with managing his or her music.

Instead of downloading music file-by-file and installing software, a user can buy additional 1,000-song slotRadio cards for $39.99, sorted by genres such as hip-hop, rock, country, or themes like “chill out” and “workout.” this concept will be quiet a tough sell in today’s try before you buy music downloading generation.