Sandisk proudly rolls out 45Mbps write speeds SDHC

by Gareth Mankoo

I remember the time when Sandisk bragged about flash drives that could offer as much as 45Mbps speed. Then we had Toshiba talking about how their cards could easily do an 80Mbps speed ride. Coming closer to the present is the UltimateXX, shown off by Kingston that did 35Mbps. But then the killer of them all is the Sandisk Extreme Pro 45Mbps SHDC card. It’s tangible, firstly, and secondly, comes in sizes ranging from 8GB to the four-time equivalent, 32GB.

The main advantage of fast cards is their use in downloading. It can do a maximum of 60Mbps when it comes to data reading. The price range is from $110 for the 8GB card to $350 for the 32GB card.