Sandisk Memory Vault gives you a 100-year protection promise for your images

by Gareth Mankoo

Storing images may be vital if we’re all bound for the predicted wrath of 2012. If that should happen then we’re not the only ones left with memories that will die with our body. May be there will be a few survivors who can take those images ahead and repair some devices to play them back for future generations, letting them know how awesome the world used to be. That’s where the Sandisk Memory Vault would come into play. It stores images and videos and the rugged build makes sure nothing affects your memories. It seems that the device can last up to 100 years, with all the content in it, intact.

You can pick the Sandisk Memory Vault in its 8GB or 16GB avatar for $50 or %90, respectively. Just make sure you do not fill it with just about anything.

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