Samsung’s SGH-i200 the smartest yet.

by yogesh

Samsung’s SGH-i200 smartphone. It has 3G connectivity with Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard, and is supposedly aiming at the cheapish smartphone market by costing around $290. At 11.8mm thick, the Windows Mobile 6 (6.1, perhaps?) standard handset should disappear nicely into a breast or pant pocket, and that’ll have to be a key selling point since it lacks both WiFi and GPS. On the upside, you still get a plethora of GSM standards all the way up to HSDPA, there’s a 2 megapixel cam around back, and a sleek blue rim.

This phone beats all the other Samsung phones in elegance & style. The phone seems geared as an entry level windows mobile platform device. A proper review will further silence its critics after its out….

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