Samsung’s Fryo Driven S5830 Phone Looks Like Mini Galaxy S

by ruchi

I wouldn’t really have a fun work at day I didn’t kick-start it with some rumor retreat. Photo of Mini Galaxy S have been leaked. They don’t really look anything extra ordinary just that the original Galaxy S phone seems to be miniaturized. It’s just probably the same way Sony Ericsson miniature its heavy duty XPERIA phone. The folks at Ubergizmo are speculating if Samsung’s hyped OLED technology will find place in this phone. The Fryo powered device will feature Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, MicroUSB, 5MP camera and also MicroSD card support. Samsung would officially announce the release at MWC 2011 scheduled for February. this limited spec sheet did not leave with me with a Oh-My-God feeling but we are hoping the release would probably create the excitement bubble.


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