Samsung’s Flexible 3D displays will have pictures get totally in-your-face

by Shayne Rana

3D is so big these days it’s getting really hard to know just who’s at the top of the game, butone name seems to stand out quite a bit these days and that’s one of our favorite South Korean company’s – Samsung. These guys are constantly innovating and the latest out of their R&D labs is a 3D display that’s designed to make to take the tech to a whole new level of ‘in-you-face’. They’re working on flexible displays in an OLED model that could make the TV similar to your kid’s favorite fairytale pop-up book. Whether or not these will be glassless or not hasn’t been talked about just yet, but if it starts of with glasses it’s not going to stay there for too long so that’s not really important right now.

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