Samsung’s 19″ AMOLED Transparent Screen Will Leave You Awe-struck

by ruchi

With its signature AMOLED technology, Samsung is looking forward to capture the global market for the era that is going to emerge post the TFT LCSD displays. Recently a clothing shop for dolls had the installation of world’s largest transparent AMOLED screen. This one is actually the production-prototype of the 19” inch flavor of the day which will be eventually incorporated for use in multimedia devices like TV and PC monitors. Irrespective of the on or off power mode, the display is 30% transparent without a trace of compromise on its rich display capabilities. With a brightness of 200 cd/m2, it features a high-end resolution of 960 x 540.

AMOLED screens has a fabulous response time and have a body that measures half as thick as TFT LCDs. More so, these give you the flexibility of being able to view images from any angle. Another thumbs up feature it’s the power consumption which is almost 66% less than LCDs. I am sure we have more than just enough reasons to go head-over-heels about this pioneering technology from the Korean tech giant.

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