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Samsung’s stainless steel oven uses 3D high frequency radio waves to cook

by bharat

We like our Microwave ovens because they cook health and look wonderful, or is it? Well, for all curious, Samsung has released a new stainless steel microwave oven in a sleek metallic finish in Korea. The oven not only looks impressive but also uses three dimensional high frequency radio waves to cook healthy food. The oven comes in a durable, easy to manage scratch proof ceramic surface with one of a kind “Antibacterial Ceramic Inside” certification from Hohenstein Institute. The wonderful oven comes preprogrammed setting to cook the lovely Korean dishes like steamed egg and ramen easily.

Priced at 179,000 KRW [approx. $150], the stainless steel oven only available in Korea for now features power saving options and is good at saving up to 40% compared to other ovens. The oven comes packed with a microwave steamer for your veggies.


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  1. Three dimensional? Does that mean I need special glasses to see when it’s done?

    Without more explanation, that gives me no reason to buy it.


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