Samsung’s Project Zero my offer irresistible curved screen, new names

by Gareth Mankoo

The under-wraps Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, also known as Project Zero, may well come with something out of the ordinary. We’re talking about a possibly curved display that is wrapped around the face of the phone, similar to what the Galaxy Note Edge sports. There’s also word that the name of the device itself could well break the series to underline the differentiator factor of the Project Zero device. The Edge line of devices itself seems to be comfortably settling into both Galaxy S and Note families.

For now, we’re just picking at rumors. Of course, a wrap-around display will soon end up being the USP of the line of devices bearing the ‘Edge’ mark. The nomenclature of the device is what can really shake things up. Something of this nature could go well with such a revolutionary design. We’ve got our fingers crossed in the knowing that Samsung will not give us something with just a larger phone.

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