Samsung’s next breed of wearables will be suits and suitcases

by Gareth Mankoo

When we’d hear the word wearables, when the word would be used more often than now, we’d imagine something close to garb. However, that’s not what the whole thing eventually came up to be. At CES 2016 though, Samsung seem to have enlightened us with what’s really cooking in their thinking labs. Samsung C&T, a sister company of the electronics giant, has created wearables that are not only practical to use but also stylish to don. Other than suits and bags, there’s a share of investment and time put into making truly wearable workout gear as well. So if you thought that Samsung was only about electronics then we’d be glad to be the first to tell you that the company also builds boats and serves as a fashion house.

At CES 2016, Samsung C&T showed off the WELT smart belt and a solar-powered Sol Bag that charges phones in four hours. The Smart Suit has NFC in the wrist that can help exchange business cards electronically. It’s on sale in Korea for $500.



[ Via : Engadget ]

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