Samsung YP-Z5 MP3 player drenched in Gold

by Dhiram Shah

Samsung YP-Z5 is struck by Midas touch! Ranked as the best looking MP3 player released this year, Samsung has swathed the YP-Z5 in 18K gold this time making it more fine-looking! In honor of a million Z5’s being sold until now, Mercer and Samsung will be auctioning off 10 YP-Z5’s encased in genuine 18K Gold. Moreover the box it comes in is also adorned with that shiny yellow stuff. The YP-Z5 was designed by Paul Mercer, the man who designed the iPod’s interface. Hence each of these exclusive players will also have Paul Mercer’s signature on the rear. The pricing on these rare Z5’s will start at $1, but Samsung is expecting them to go for 120,000 each (Yen we suppose).

This auction is probably only available in Japan so all you loaded gadget freaks in US and elsewhere need to nurse their desires by just reading this write up!
Via – Luxurylaunches


  1. sean

    “Yen we suppose” ?
    hmm I don’t know why Korean company would list the expecting price in Japanese currency.
    or is this guy who wrote this article just pure amateur …

  2. Newlaunches

    It is Yen because the auction was held in Japan.


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