Samsung Vibrant 4G docs leaked, expect 21Mbps HSPA+

by Gareth Mankoo

Samsung have given their Vibrant phone a good makeover, with the 4G version that was touted to be an all-US-carrier phone. The leaked docs here have given the phone its due hype that somehow seemed missing. The 4G, which against my initial agreement of it being a multi-carrier darling, is packed with a T-Mobile label on it. Among the specs (that matter more), there’s 21Mbps HSPA+, Android 2.2 and a front facing camera that works with a Qik video chat software. I do not know why the ‘Gingerbread, what?’ attitude seems to be showing in Samsung’s approach.

The former version of the Vibrant seems to have set a benchmark that the 4G rendition will have to work hard enough to roll in the same success.