Samsung unveils Your Sound line of audio gear

by Gavril Mankoo

South Korean gurus of technology, Samsung, have now waded into the world of audiophiles and audio equipment. To begin with, the firm better known for its fabulous Android devices and TVs, has unveiled a range of audio gear under the Your Sound line. With the $20 entry level EHS-60 “Serious Sound” with gel-based earbuds, the $50 EHS-63 “Active Sound” hybrid headset with silicone ear cushions and the $80 EHS-70 “Massive Sound” premium earbuds with Dynamic Receiver Speakers, Samsung seeks to begin treading on a previously-untouched industry. Also, Samsung unveiled the high-end in-ear wired headset, the EHS-71 “Refined Sound”, complete with noise isolation, brilliant vocals and fabulous highs and bass frequencies, priced at $130, good enough to please audiophiles around.


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