Samsung Ultra Video F500 first phone with Divx support

by Dhiram Shah

If the i600 made messaging easier here is the Samsung Ultra Video F500 straight from Hong Kong. It is the first phone to support DivX codec along with support for MPEG-4, H.264, WMV and AVI files thus covering all major video formats. Videos are bought to life on the crisp 2.4 inch screen, you can also shoot images and take videos via the 2 Megapixel camera. The Ultra Video has a smart design to go with its cutting-edge features it’s got dual faces – one side is a phone while the other contains a large screen and intuitive controls for multimedia. It has a unique swivel design for multimedia content. The screen swivels away from the controls to adjust the viewing angle or form a stand to place the device down. The F500 has 400 MB of internal memory and has a Micro SD card slot which can swallow a 2 GB card which is good for 4 hours of video.

Pricing and availability of the Samsung Ultra Video F500 is not known yet.
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    Samsung rolled out its Ultra phones, and here’s the F500, the video specialist of the line that’s the first cellphone that can play back DivX movies. On its 2.4-inch screen, it can handle all the usual suspects, too, such as…

  2. James Ferguson

    The antenna could have been hidden but other than that. It is a pretty sweet phone

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