Samsung Ultra Smart F700 the iPhone killer

by Dhiram Shah

After the F300 and F500 here is an interesting addition to Samsung’s mobile phone line up the Ultra Smart F700 which can be termed as the iPhone killer. First we will have a look at the basic specs and then see how it stacks up with the iPhone. The Ultra Smart F700 (somehow I dont like the naming scheme) is a triband GSM (900/1800/1900) slider phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. It has a 2.78 inch touchscreen display supporting 262k colors and a resolution of 240×440 pixels. The smartphone has a proprietary Samsung OS with a unique drag and drop system for menu navigation and media playback. It supports all the major media formats from MP3 to Real to MPEG4. The F700 has a brilliant 5 Megapixel camera with autofocus and a secondary VGA cam for video conferencing. The 3G phone supports EDGE, GPRS, UMTS and HSDPA with lightning download speeds of 7.2 Mbps. Specs include Bluetooth, Micro SD card for memory expansion, USB and HTML browser. An interesting feature is VibeTonz which enables the handset to produce a huge range of ‘vibro-tactile’ sensations so you can hear the ringtone and hear it as well. It will provide an immersive gaming experience as gamers can experience the recoil of a gunshot or the jolt of a punch. (Comparison with the iPhone and more images after the jump)

So how does the Samsung Ultra Smart F700 stack up against the most awaited phone on the decade. The F700 does have some features which one would crave to be on the iPhone.
1) 5 Megapixel camera is much better than the standard 2 Megapixel camera on the iPhone
2) QWERTY keyboard, though the iPhone has touchscreen a keyboard is the ideal choice for SMS and E-mail junkies.
3) The F700 has UMTS and high speed HSDPA making it an ideal choice fo business users than the non-3G iPhone.
However the iPhone also scores on the F700 on some points
1) The F700 has no onboard Flash memory where as the iPhone has 4 / 8GB.
2) The iPhone has a 3.5 inch screen (F700 has 2.8 inch) boosting your movie watching experience.
3) The F700 lacks fancy features like the Ambient light sensor and Accelerometer.
4) Steve Jobs and the Apple tag, lets admit it nothing can replace them.
Release date and pricing is not known but more information will be available when the Samsung Ultra Smart F700 will be showcased at the 3GSM World Congress next week.


  1. Nishu

    Am crazy about iphones and when it comes to samsung, its worth buying. It has generated a kind of trust within me.

  2. Cool J

    This clunker looks so lame next to the iPhone. if this is the best Samsung have got they should just give up. Who’s paying you guys to call this an iPhone killer? Bwahahahha. Deam on, baby.

  3. Randy Lucas

    Hahaha…. What a joke! Yes, it has features that the iPhone doesn’t have (yet), but Steve Jobs and Apple will continue to innovate and tweak their new phone the same way they tweaked the iPod.
    There will many imitators, but let’s be honest… no one will be able to touch Apple. No one….

  4. Newlaunches

    Very true Steve Jobs and the Apple Tag are the biggest backers for the iPhone. But it is the first time Apple has forayed into the mobile phone market and surely the iPhone will have a lot of teething problems. Not to mention the exclusive Cingular contract and limited availability. Because of the hype the demand will be so huge that Apple will have a hard time coping with the demand which is where the F700, LG Prada phone and others will fill in. Wait for the 3GSM congress and you will see an army of iPhone killers.

  5. Cool J

    “Features the iPhone doesn’t have yet”? You mean like Multi-touch, accelerometer, wi-fi, all features in one screen, Coverflow and Mac OS and a UI that DOESN’T look like 1994? Oh right, that IS the iPhone, not the SamDung. f700 lame imitation down. Next!

  6. Jibby

    Will the f700 have wi-fi?

  7. SACcrant

    do you apple fan boys know that iphone is not the first smart phone/music playing phone/touch screen phone? look at other phone company’s lineups like Samsung, O2, Dopod, motorola. I really don’t see why iphone is such a hype. Maybe its because american phones SUCK S***. All i can say is Phones i see everyday in Asia are miles ahead of the iphone.

  8. ulovemikeroch

    Wow, Did Steve Jobs pay you worthless losers to come here and say this? Even though the iPod is one of the most bare, featureless crappy DAP’s on the market, This is no exception. Samsung has been making phones for a while, and so far they make the best phones hands down. SACcrant is right, Sk Telecom, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericcson, etc. All make the best phones. Apple hasn’t done anything good in 10 years, they just took advantage of a very stupid and big market. Want proof? Just look at all the reviews their phones get, and please don’t tell me this crappy iPhone can stack up. The f700 already won this battle. You fanboys just can’t open your eyes enough to see it.

  9. firuz

    The only thing I can comment is I want my Iphone as soon as possible, even though it is going to cost me $599

  10. namssab

    firuz, sorry man – thats the type of mentality bull ALL Apple lovers talk about. For me, I think Apple products ar S***. I cant understand why people such as yourself are willing to stand in line and announce how much you want one of their products and then follow up by saying even if costs me ‘x’ amount. CRAZY. Cant you see you’re all duped by fancy marketing? Brainwashed – “where do i go to give you all my money…”

  11. Mike

    When in the hell is this thing getting released?

  12. JB

    Is it true that this phone won’t be released in the US? That’s the saddest damn thing I’ve heard all year, I’ve been looking forward to the F700 for months now. I sure as hell don’t want to buy a lame trendy overpriced apple product but if it’s the only thing worth a damn in the US (for potentially years) then I’m gonna be suck with a shitty iphone…
    If it’s true that it wont be released in the US then would it be plausible to import one?

  13. Raven Lee

    To all the dumbasses who think this phone is an iPhone killer, keep dreaming.
    And for all those guys who want to suck Bill Gates dick, get a life. You have never owned a Mac, iPod or anything decent. Keep plugging away at Windows and keep playing around on worthless devices from Zen to Zune.
    Btw, the iPod is the world’s best selling music player. Not just in the US. In EVERY FREAKING COUNTRY. I guess it’s 89% domination in Japan means the Japanese are dumb and don’t have options when it comes to music players. Yeah okay…
    The world follows Apple and copies Apple. Microsoft, Dell, even George Foreman and his stupid colored grills.
    Keep opening up those email attachments in Outlook and wondering why your stupid PC isn’t working. haha
    And I’m not an Apple fanboy. I’m a linux god and a GREAT PRODUCTS FANBOY.
    Peace out dumbasses.

  14. BSDBoy

    Anyone who thinks Samsung or LG can even come close to touching the iPhone, you are sadly deluded.
    You wouldn’t know what a great product was if it was rammed up your asses.
    gayboys aside, anyone who understands tech appreciates Mac OS X and the upcoming iPhone, which blows away every device on the market.
    And if you think that Samsung has ever made any product with all the features of the iPhone for years, as you claim, then point it out. I’d love to see it and the hype it generated. Oh wait, they never made anything like the iPhone! Doh! I guess you really are a dumbass.
    Accelerometers, touch screens, fully featured mac os x Operating System, 8 GB of memory, mp3 player with the best DAC in the market, movie player that supports MPEG4, on the fly screen orientation shifts, telnet, ftp, ssh, bash, scp, vpn, rdp, and I can go on and on.
    Go stick your heads up Bill Gates ass and see what “original and great” products he has in store for you. lulz

  15. Ben

    The F700 is ugly.

  16. Jules66

    The fact is this; the Iphone has got a revolutionary interface, the ease of use of which, is an ergonomic and psychological dream. Having said that, it is lacking in some key areas. For the price, the camera is pants and out of date, but more importantly, its connectivity is not what I was hoping for. Hooray for Wi-Fi, but if you are away from a wifi point, which you will be most of the time, you are forced to use a very slow EDGE protocol with access times quoted as being 1 to 2 minutes for internet page loading. This is very poor and I a little surprised at such a limited access capability. If they improve this to 3G and then I may well buy one, but at the moment it is a major achilles heel for me.
    Yes the iphone will be developed, but this version has missed out on some very important connectivity issues. Also due to the sealed battery compartment you have to send the phone off to Apple every 2 years! now thats a crap idea too.
    Lastly the Iphone appears to be very limited with regard to 3rd party applications development. It ia closed architecture and that limits its ability to develop to take on board new stuff.
    The F700 on the other hand has superb connectivity, a totally open architecture for 3rd parties add-ons, a superb camera, and a qwerty keyboard to boot.
    Its a tough decision because I absolutely love the interface on the Iphone;
    If the Iphone develops into 3G and improves the camera, and becomes less proprietary, it will rule the phone world. As it is, it is only half finished.

  17. Ty

    cmon fanboys lighten up is the iphone cool?yes it is. would i like to have one?yes i would. but seriously it is F***ING expensive. if this phone is cheaper with cheaper plans im gonna get this one. not the iphone. Mabey when they come out with the second generation iphones that have been more perfected then i might get one. The ipod today is not what its always been, go look at the first ipods and their price tags and compare them to the ones now.percection takes time and the iphone will take time to get there but until prices come down the iphone will have to wait.

  18. jennifer

    i want the F700

  19. Natz

    The iPhone is cool with its big screen and sleek design, but like many has pointed out, it seriously lacks in the hardware department.No GPS, no FM radio, no 3G or 3.5G, no memory card support,no qwerty keyboard,no macro camera for OCR,and it took Apple 4 years to come out with such low specs product.IPOD???Common Apple fans, Apple didn’t pay Creative 100Million USD for no reasons!Go on, buy at least 2 sets of iPhone,it’ll generate revenue for Apple to come out with worthy phone next time! My money goes to the Asian products until Apple comes out with a worthy phone!

  20. kyokan

    Yes! This is exactly what I’m looking for! When I first heard about the iPhone I really wanted one, but when you look at the specs it turns out that – shiny interface notwithstanding – it’s a pretty mediocre device. It’s definitely a multi-role device, but it falls between all the stools. Iffy call quality make it a mediocre phone, no 3G or HSDPA make it a poor internet device, no keyboard makes it a poor emailing / texting device, a rubbish camera is self explanatory, an operating system that wont run 3rd party applications means it hardly qualifies as a smartphone, and no hard drive makes it a puny replacement for an iPod. So, what in fact is the iPhone actually good at? Yes, it does lots of things but it does them all badly. Not too worry though, things will only get better.

  21. dkap

    Does anyone know the release date for the F700 in the U.S.?

  22. Ruben

    wow love the fanboy attitude. but i guess its expected since they have to defend the 600 dollars they spent on a phone. and what is up with these guys yapping about touchscreen and wifi on a phone is so new? ummm no its actually been out for years now. yes the iphone is a cool phone, but its overhyped, over priced, and it doesnt offer anything real smartphones dont already do.
    im loving the keyboard and touch screen. i hope this makes it to the states, i want to play with it!

  23. booker t

    when is the samsung f700 release date and much is the price and how much mhz ????

  24. ugh

    can everyone just calm down. i think the iphone is cool but it is overpriced, plus they just found a way to hack out information about people who own a iphone, i think this phone is better, but who am i to say because i am a 12 year old who i more mature and calm then u guys. stop arguing over these dumb phones and get a date

  25. Bad Bob

    Samsung f700 may and may not beat the iPhone. it should first be released so we can compare. but there are certainly other phones that do beat the iPhone. face it. if you want to go ahead and pay loads for a featureless phone, thats fine by me. for the price your paying you could get a far better phone. how goood is the iPhone. it has a below average 2Mege pixel camera and can not even record video. it has 4/8gb internal memory but is not the only phone which does. it lacks a memory card. people can hack the info stored on your precious iPhone. it has acceleremeter. so what? are you going to rotate your phone all day? you have to pay itunes for music and/or video downloads. (iPhone + iTunes = iProfit) simple. it lacks several features a common phone has! it lacks voice dialing, voice recording, instant messaging, a memory card slot, MMS, tethering, A2DP, common Bluetooth file transfer (OBEX), GPS capability, copy and paste, native games, and support for MP3 files as ringtones, no java applications. it has google maps but that is not the same as an actual navigation system. still not convinced? then go ahead and waste your money on this phone but if you really want a good phone do some research find out about other phones, be open minded. try http://www.gsmarena.com for starters and go to phone finder or if you want some big PDAs or smartphones try out HTC. Think before you buy.

  26. Mac n Windows

    Ooooh, I came to this site to get more info on the F700. To assess and report, if you can’t beat windows, join them. Steve Jobs has done a major leap on the iphone, however, my 2002 pda phone still does more than the iphone. I am simply looking for more power and if anyone is looking for lots of software, including games, a solid powerful OS, the F700 will beat the iPhone hands down. NOW FOR THE FUTURE OF CELL PHONES … When the xbox and ps3 play games on a cell phone … Oooooh … should I buy now or wait for the mini PSX Phone … the best is yet to come. HSDPA will be a good start for online gamers on a cell phone.

  27. jhoots

    please.. someone educate the band wagon.. the iphone is just as overrated and crappy as the the ipod! there are a million mp3 player and phone companies that have been doing what apple is trying to do for ages! fickle minds by into the hype do some research and think before you throw you money into a pit because someone else tells you its cool.. & check out Archos.com the best mp4 players ever.. touch screen wifi music & movie player for what a crappy ipod cost! then maybe you’ll see that apple is all hype

  28. ron

    why is everyone getting so pissed off? If I buy an iphone will I be hated? What if I get the f700? Will people dipise me? Give me a break you are all idiots just get the phone that you like period, there will always be a beteer device coming out every year better than the iphone and the f700 companies just love watching ypou guys battle it out on your blogs lolz.

  29. e$$$$

    scrw all of ya…. ya the iphone is good but samsung almost always has reliable phones and at an affortable cost……. and verizon is the best company not cingular!!!!!! so srw the iphon


    Suporters of the Iphone have almost become a
    cult-like group of individuals. Yes the Iphone is an awesome device with an amazing user interface, but it lacks several features that makes it no better (if not worse) than most of the smartphones on the market.
    Take the touch screen keyboard for instance: I’m sorry but who can text quickly on one of those? Yes smaller people may have no problem typing, but for a big guy like me I can’t type on that thing to save my life, with a learning curve or not! (Using one of the demos in the AT&T store it took me 30-45 seconds to type “youtube.com.”). Also the Iphone lacks MMS, video recording capabilties, a good network, 3G, and the ability to add 3rd party applications.
    Even though they are saying 3rd party appilications will be avaliable next year, by that time manufactures will be devoloping and even announcing/releasing devices that blow it away.
    Seriously if you want a smartphone that does everything the Iphone does now; go into the HTC world. The AT&T Tilt does everything the Iphone does (somethings it even does better!). Plus it even has a beautiful and spacious slider keyboard.
    Another good option would be the LG voyager. It has a touchscreen with a UI very simular to the Iphone’s. It also boasts a clamshell design that reveals a keyboard. Plus it has a Iphone-like browser (even though it may be a little unresponsive it’s just as good), built in GPS, Vcast capabilties, a great network, 3G, and Vcast mobile TV.
    Now if you all need to wait for the samsung I bet it will be a a great phone and may even rival/surpass the Iphone. Samsung makes great products and this one will probably live up to the company name.
    Now please: Stop getting worked up over this stuff! They are PHONES. This is not something to throw a bitch fit over! If you like the Iphone, get it. If you like a treo, get it. If you like the Voyager, get it. It’s a free country. Please just choose a phone you like and suits your needs. Thanks for putting up with this long explanation and I hope it helps….
    **Everyone have a wonderful holiday season!**

  31. aonixxer6

    hey, OMGGETALIFE your right man they are just phones if you like one of the phones just take it(if you have the money of course).so i’m going for the f700 or if i have enough money i’ll go for the n95

  32. youralldeadbeats

    I have just bought the samsung F700 and it is the most beautiful phone I have seen. the user interface is outstanding finger stroke menu scrolling is out of this world and as for the browser I would say its better than the iphone, so all you iphone wannabess, save the £900 the iphone will cost you in the long run and get yourselves an f700

  33. v-star

    Cheers for that mate…I cant wait- mine comes in about 2 days:D
    And by the way I was originally a fan of the iPhone, until a friend of mine was so fed up of the problems he had, he sold it within 3 weeks of buying it!
    yeah and some of you need to calm down

  34. bvaker

    I have the f700, amazing phone, my good friend has the iphone, we compared what they can do & how they do it… he says this phone comes out on top, i agree.

  35. arthur

    Hmm, so much for apple bad blood! Never have I seen such hatred for a product. fact 1. iPhone is better designed and styled than the f700. Fact.2. iPhones will never have hardware problems that the f700 will face,soon(eg. the flex/connector, it’s a slide phone for chrissake!) fact.3. The iPhone’s 2Mpixel is the sharpest camera I’ve seen “EVER”.It’s even clearer that most digital cameras I know! And in terms of a phone that stunns all around it, ALL HAIL THE iPHONE!

  36. Chris

    Fact 1: Apple was sued for copying the iphone style and features
    Fact 2: Apple has had many glitches with the iphone including idendity theaf which was proven by hackers to be the easiest.
    Fact 3: They didn’t design a Qwerty or keyboard because then they would have gotten some SERIOUS copyright infrightment.
    Fact 4: Internet service using the iphone is by far the slowest and most annoying this ever. Friend bought it when they first came out. 600 dollars that later came down to 400 with a 2yr contract.
    Fact 5: The camera is by far the most mediocre. I’ve tested it.
    Fact 6: If you paid the 600 bucks for a phone, you might as well buy a 5 dollar bill for $100. As retarded as that sounded, that is what you guys have been doing.
    I like the Iphone. I like how it looks but Apple COPIED the design and features from other companies.
    Again, the information some of you have spreaded are by far ignorant.

  37. Patrick

    The iphone sucks for any business application. I have had the iphone, 3 blackberrys, audiovox and finally a samsung. The samsung is by far the best phone i have owned. The iphone being the worse. Apple is a hoax, with tons of lennings following trends they see celebs following.

  38. hussain ali khan

    hi i want buy samsung ultra smart F700 please send detals.

  39. chidi

    i cant wait to get the f700


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