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Samsung to develop Perfume Dispensing Phone

by Dhiram Shah

Samsung Electronics has developed a perfume spraying cell phone to release “smell tones” when incoming calls are received. The phone will have controls to adjust the type and amount of sprayed. Perfume will be stored in exchangeable catridges which can be easily reloaded. Samsung has recently filed a patent application. The invention uses a pressurized heating chamber to store one or more scents. Using an ultrasonic controller triggered by the press of a button or an incoming call, perfume is excited and released into the air. It is a long time before we can buy such a phone, however one major drawback will be the size of the phone as the perfume dispensing equipment will add bulk to the phone.

The Hyundai MP-280 clamshell phone is the closest alternative it allows you to add perfume to it so that each time you open the phone to make or recieve a call, the scent is released. The phone comes along with a syringe which you can fill with your favorite perfume.
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  1. abdul yahaya

    the earlier yuo release this product into market, the better for all of us, i dreamth of this type of phone before, but never knew it could be posible you’ll make it.


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