Samsung SPH-P9000 Wimax PDA puts UMPCs to shame

by Dhiram Shah

At the Mobile WiMAX Summit 2006 in Korea Samsung unveiled the SPH-P9000 a convergence device capable of voice and multimedia data communications through Mobile WiMAX technology. The device utilizes Mobile WiMAX for Internet connectivity and CDMA EV-DO for voice communications. The SPH-P9000 runs on Windows XP Professional and it is no bigger than a portable DVD player. Folded away neatly is a QWERTY keyboard which makes typing very easy compared to a touch screen. Other specs include Camera for web conferencing, 30 GB hard drive and a 5 inch WVGA screen all packed into a device which weighs a bit more than one pound.

Kitae Lee, President of the Telecommunication Network Business at Samsung Electronics, says “Our new SPH-P9000 is just one of the few Mobile WiMAX convergence devices to be introduced to the world. Samsung will expand our portfolio of mobile convergence devices, as we expect to expand our global Mobile WiMAX services globally.“ The SPH-P9000 will be launched in Korea first half of 2007.


  1. Samsung P9000 UMPC PDA Thingie Ma-bob

    It is hard to accurately place this device into a specific category. At the Mobile WiMAX Summit, Samsung recently unveiled this convergence device that is like a PDA, UMPC and regular computer all rolled folded into one. The P9000 can…

  2. jozepph

    whats d fraise

  3. en


  4. Alan

    This definately is what umpc’s should have created! This is one hot product! I’ve wanted a mobile pocket computer with a true touch type keyboard for years. I hate and would never buy a thumb device and am so glad somebody has finally started to think outside the box and build more functional devices!

  5. Davis

    Excellent product, will definately get on once it is out in Europe (UK).Camera is a bit gimicky.

  6. jace

    that is so cool i want one!!!!!!


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