Samsung Sense X1, ODD built inside

by Dhiram Shah

Samsung Electronics (Korea) has announced that it releases a new ultra-slim laptop, Sense X1. The most impressive feature of this slender device is that it’s only 19.2~23mm in thickness and 1.7kg weight with 14 inch LCD and ODD built inside. Top loading ODD located in the upper part of the main board is a good example of utilizing limited space and a keypad having a certain distant from the monitor proves an ergonomic design for people sitting in front of the laptop for many hours. The key pad is also water-resistible. It also comes with SRS sound system, wide speaker, and remote control and ‘Multimedia remote controller’ contains volume, power, and presentation slide functionalities. By using ‘a multimedia quick button’, it can play multimedia files within 12 seconds without the need of booting. It runs on maximum 4hours per charge with the ULV CPU and 4 cell battery is built inside. It can even play 9 hours if you put in an extension battery. You can buy ‘X-dock’ for multi ports. Intel ULV CPU Centrino 733 processor (1.1GHz) / 512MB DDR2 memory / 60GB HDD / 802.11bg / RW Combo drive, Suggesting price is about 2,600,000(KRW) (US $ 2500)
Via – Aving

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