Samsung SCH-W559 integrates VibeTonz touchscreen

by Dhiram Shah

Samsung has a range of products that have featured Immersion’s VibeTonz technology especially for ring tone and gaming enhancements. But this the first time that they are using it in the keypad-less SCH-W559, as a means of tactile feedback. The QVGA touchscreen gives a total hands-on experience and even if you prefer to use the stylus instead of your fingers the phone will provide a vibrating cue when you touch a virtual button. This vibration cue can be adjusted and customized as per your taste with the help of the phone’s software. Giving you the feel of “Mechanical Keys” rather than just a ‘sheet of plastic’ the vibrations are quite realistic. Samsung SCH-W559 will be launching only on China Unicom for the time being. It will support both CDMA / GSM networks, and will feature a 1.3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, handwriting recognition capability, and audio / video playback functions. Users can now look out to enhancing their ringtones with integrated buzzing.

When do we get to enjoy this handset is not known as yet, watch this space for more.

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