Samsung RF4289 Wi-Fi smart fridge costs a bomb

by Gareth Mankoo

Samsung have been roving around some intellectual pieces of technology, like the RF4289 smart refrigerator that adds Wi-Fi. It is huge with 28 cubic feet of storage in addition to LED lighting, an 8-inch LCD touchscreen that replaces the annoying sticky notes and magnets, access to applications that serve well in the kitchen, including Google calendar, Picasa images, Weatherbug forecasts, Epicurious recipes, AP news and Pandora music among others. All of this doesn’t come easy, as the price tag suggests that you need to be total gizmo freak for kitchen gadgets or a millionaire to be happy with.

The suggested price of the Samsung RF4289 Wi-Fi smart fridge is $3,499. Don’t get thinking as to what you could do with this kind of money. Expect it in May.

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