Samsung NaviBot S vacuum cleaning robot makes your old sucker look near-extinction

by Gavril Mankoo

Tired of walking around your home with that roaring dust-sucking vacuum cleaner from the yesteryears? Well, it’s time you lie back, put your feet up on the table and relax, as the Samsung NaviBot S vacuum cleaning robot does the job for you! Equipped with an onboard camera, the contraption is capable of routing its way around your home and cleaning every nook and cranny. Once filled, it automatically makes its way to the charging base where it cleans up, empties its belly in a central bin and has its brushes cleaned. And yes, the NaviBot makes sure it doesn’t suck up cleaned areas repeatedly, remembering the places cleaned, and accordingly increasing its suction power with regards to the amount of dust. Samsung however hasn’t mentioned the price and availability of this robot home-keeper for now.