Samsung MyFit advices you when you to drink water but yells at you for smoking

by Shayne Rana

CES may have been all about the 3D TVs and the Slates but there were a few of the smaller devices that were on the scene as well. With Samsung’s cool IceTouch PMP that was also on hand at CES was another PMP called the MyFit. It’s a player that’s designed to be used for those who enjoy the whole work out, keeping fit bit. Aside from 8GB of space, decent video codec support, an FM radio etc. etc. it’s equipped with an accelerometer and a tracking system that informs you of how many calories you’ve burned. Users can also record their caloric consumption per meal though a fitness manager application. It also has a function that tells you when to drink water. Fascinating! What’s even more fascinating is the fact that it also has a function that’s supposed to yell at you when you’re smoking. Perhaps it secretly ties into your mother’s computer or something to let her keep tabs on you. There’s been no pricing for this just yet.


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