Samsung HMX-E10 Pocket Camcorder helps you shoot you in HD

by Gareth Mankoo

Why in the world hasn’t something like this come about a few decades ago? I mean, you should know by now that most of us are closet-narcissists and totally love adoring our brilliant deeds like smoking two cigarettes at a time (when there’s no one to hold your camcorder) or even when you’re smacking your lips in a la Heath Ledger mimicry. Samsung’s HMX-E10 pocket camcorder has a swiveling lens that can turn around and help you shoot your crazy deeds. The rotating angle extends to about 270 degrees. Also, it has a 2.7 inch touchscreen display, 3x optical zoom and (what do you know) 1080p recording!

If all of this wasn’t enough then get a hold of the HDMI-out available with this one and also the microSD recording.