Samsung Electronics launches day light LCD TV

by Dhiram Shah

Samsung Electronics, new liquid crystals day light PDP TV’s 32 inch Tristar “LN32M51BD ” and
40 inch Tristar “LN40M51BD “uses day light technique developed by Samsung. The new technique. Allows seeing images clearer, bright even in daylight. The dynamic contrast gradient enhancement technology allows more colors light and shade change compared to the standard LCD television. The brightness sensor inside the LCD TV adjusts brightness, contrast according to the surrounding. The hidden 10 speakers give a more artistic approach to the product. The LCD TV has SRS TruSurround XT surrounds system for superb sound to make you feel watching a movie at a theatre.

The remote control has many new user friendly functions. The 50 inch model
costs 6,800,000 won. $ 6,500 Via – Aving

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